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24k Gold Soap

24k Gold Soap

24k Gold Soap

₹1200 - 1200

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Introducing "Skin Soul And You 24k Gold Soap" — a skincare indulgence beyond the ordinary. Immerse yourself in a lavish blend of carefully selected oils, each uniquely benefiting your skin. Enriched with real 24k gold dust powder, this soap transforms your routine into a golden experience. The added Luxury fragrance elevates your senses, making every use a pampering ritual.Experience the richness of this extraordinary soap with exquisite oils for unparalleled skin benefits. The real 24k gold dust powder adds opulence for a radiant glow. Indulge in the enticing Luxury fragrance, turning your daily cleanse into a moment of sophistication. "Skin Soul And You 24k Gold Soap" is a golden celebration for your skin and senses. Treat yourself to the unique benefits of this opulent blend, making each wash a truly indulgent and revitalizing experience.

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